Sustainability Expo: September 20th

Written by mary on September 9th, 2014

Chickens, bees, native plants, the power of the sun, lots of fun interactive activities for children of all ages. Come play, learn and dance with us in Dogtown on Saturday, September 20th.

Last year we had the first Sustainability Expo with approximately 2,500 attendees in conjunction with the Dogtown Street Musicians Festival. This year, the second annual Sustainability Expo is taking place as part of the 5th annual Dogtown Street Musicians Festival. The Dogtown Historical Society (DHS) hosts the festival with the purpose of celebrating the rich musical history of Dogtown. The Dogtown EcoVillage hosts the Expo to inform residents about the many organizations in the Dogtown community (and surrounding areas) working on issues of ecological and social sustainability as well as to encourage attendees to adopt sustainable practices at their homes.

Check out all of the great organizations we have lined up to be a part of this year’s Expo


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