Express Football Strategy

In the world of sports betting, it is very important to have some experience and knowledge, which is why the express football betting strategy also has a right to exist. Many betters will immediately say that making large bets on several events is very risky.

If you are careless about and violate the rules of the strategy, then even the most popular and effective schemes will be useless.

Things to Keep in Mind

Professionals can note several working strategies at once, at express bets. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why you should look for the most suitable for each player separately. What is required to make profit from express on football? It’s not enough just to collect a win-win express bet on football betting but experienced betters know what it takes. Let’s reveal all the secrets of betting.

Everyone should understand that by collecting express from a large number of events, he makes the chances of winning less. It does not depend on which coefficient you choose. There were situations when even the strongest athlete or team suffered a fiasco. Experts unanimously argue that bets on 3-5 events are ideal. Most often, players choose the 3 best options and put it on them.

The average coefficient in the express is 1.5, but you can choose large values. Even if we take 3 matches with odds: 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, we get the final value of 4.08. This is already a significant result, since the probability of passage is approximately 30%. The choice of events must be approached thoroughly and carefully. The chance of victory and the likelihood of making a profit will depend on this.

27 Express Betting Strategy

You can bet 27 expresses, the strategy of which involves obtaining a significant amount of profit. Bookmakers are ready to generously encourage players who make bets on the exact score of the match. It is quite difficult to guess the exact score of a football match, but it is quite realistic. Especially, if the teams love and know how to bet on the same score. Let's analyze the step-by-step actions in this strategy:

  • Select 3 matches in which there is a clear favorite and you are sure of his victory. Often, you have to choose teams whose victoria is estimated by bookmakers at odds from 1.4-1.5 or less. Of course, failures can happen, but very rarely.
  • When choosing matches, you should choose matches in which in your opinion no more than 3 goals will be scored.
  • After choosing the matches, we must decide with which account the favorites can win. Choose 3 options.
  • Collect expresses with all possible combinations of accounts. In total, we get exactly 27 expresses.

The strategy will work provided that you can find the right scores in matches.

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